A license to engage in a profession or business is one of the most important assets you can have.  From prior experience in handling matters before licensing boards, SIO understands how best to handle matters involving licenses issued in the State of Georgia.  Whether you have been denied a license, or you are facing an investigation or hearing before a licensing board, the firm is well-equipped to help you resolve the situation to achieve the best possible outcome.
A professional’s most important asset is his or her license to engage in a particular profession or business. A professional license is an essential requirement to legally work in one’s chosen field. Moreover, a professional license is often the earned product of many years’ education and effort as well as considerable expense. The loss or restriction of a professional license severely impacts a person’s ability to work and can lead to other long-lasting consequences for the professional and his or her family.
SIO has extensive prior experience in handling matters before licensing boards on behalf of the State of Georgia. From that experience, the attorneys of the firm understand the objectives of these regulatory bodies and can use that knowledge to advise clients as to how to best proceed with matters stemming from a licensing board. This insight can often lead to an efficient resolution for the client, allowing him or her to get on with life. We will always handle all matters with the understanding that there may be other civil, criminal, insurance or business related issues that must be addressed in order to achieve a desirable result for our clients.
In addition, a person applying for a license may have issues that cause a licensing board to initially deny that applicant a license. The lawyers at SIO are equipped to advise applicants and assist them in presenting their best case to the particular licensing board that gives them the greatest opportunity for ultimately being granted their license, thus allowing them to begin work and achieve the fruits of their labors.
A professional license represents a significant investment. Entrust the lawyers of SIO to protect that investment.
At other times, an agreement cannot be reached with the licensing authority. At that point, it is essential that a licensee has effective and competent counsel with lawyers who can intelligently and vigorously defend a person’s licensure during an investigatory inquiry or an administrative hearing. Moreover, we can seek to overturn an adverse decision before the licensing board or through the appellate process in the courts. Our lawyers have appeared in hundreds of hearings and trials and stand ready to advocate for their clients to defend their interests.