Business law includes business formation and dissolution, business litigation, buy-sell agreements, commercial leases, contracts, corporate transactions, real estate contracts, and other matters.

Starting a business takes time, money and effort. Choosing the right legal form for your business and establishing and maintaining the proper bank accounts, employee records, legal forms, licenses, tax records, transaction files, and other official records is crucial to your business success. SIO Law Group can help you select the legal entity best suited for your new business to get it up and running successfully.

When business disputes arise, you need experienced legal counsel to identify your rights, obligations, and choices. Your lawyer should be familiar with your business operations as well as the law to minimize the impact of legal disputes. The attorneys at SIO Law Group can advise you of your options and prepare you to handle legal action while managing your business.

When it comes to drafting or reviewing a contract it is imperative to have an attorney that understands your business, the circumstances of the agreement, knowledge of the liabilities and risks, prepares for contingencies, and is looking out for your best interests. Contracts are not just business documents. They set the guidelines for how unintended situations are handled. SIO Law group understands the importance of avoiding disadventageous or disproportionate contracts.

When litigation does not yield satisfactory results, adverse decisions may be appealable to a higher court. SIO Law Group’s attorneys have successfully handled appeals in state and federal courts. Let us advise you on your options.