Business cannot afford less-than-expert legal counsel and representation.

At the same time, small and medium size business (and now Fortune 100s) cannot afford exorbitant legal costs. SIO’s unique and low overhead model allows its attorneys to provide affordable and suitable legal services. SIO’s expert, economical, and appropriate services fill an immediate need for businesses of all sizes.


SIO Law Group is a boutique law firm designed to synergize work and information law. The firm offers a full range of work-related legal services to clients. SIO’s lawyers possess years of legal study and experience in workplace and information law and related IT strategies. The firm’s representation of banks, staffing companies, franchisees, contractors, restaurants, libraries, associations, municipalities, and other entities provides a real-world foundation for leveraging a legal strategy. SIO’s team of experienced counsel and their proven history of effective legal work mean clients receive expert and appropriate counsel and representation.
SIO contains more than an effective combination of workplace and information lawyers with a scholarly understanding of particular areas of the law. Even an understanding of a client’s business does not guarantee effective counsel. Expert counsel requires legal experience, cross-discipline knowledge, and a commitment to client objectives. SIO’s team of professionals contains the “full-package” to provide expert and exceptional legal counsel.



Scientia, Indicium, Opus 

(KnowledgeInformation, and Work) 

SIO Law Group is a collaborative law firm designed to integrate knowledge, information, and work.  Businesses need reliable legal counsel to deal with risk, compliance and change.  Successful businesses recognize and respond to both the challenges of today and opportunities for the future.
SIO Law Group offers a full range of business-related legal services.  An understanding of workplace law, technology, and business allows SIO's professionals to guide clients through the maze of federal, state and local legal mandates. And when needed, SIO's seasoned litigators provide effective representation in state and federal courts, arbitration and mediation.
Today’s economy demands expert, efficient, and appropriate legal services.  Small- and medium-size businesses cannot afford large-firm costs.  Even large companies have become more price-sensitive.  At the same time, clients cannot afford less-than-expert legal counsel and representation.  Combining information technology and business expertise with solid legal understanding allows SIO Law Group to effectively and efficiently represent its clients and support their business objectives.
SIO's model allows its professionals to structure legal services that make business sense for business.