7th Annual Southeast Financial Human Resource Conference

7th Annual Southeast Financial Human Resource Conference –

“Creating Some Certainty in the Midst of Workplace Uncertainty”

November 2-3, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta NW/Wildwood

To Register: Contact either: Donna Coutant: donna@cbaofga.com | 770-541-0381, OR Ashley Cloud: acloud@jurisi.com | 404-991-7300

The CBA is pleased to host the 7th Annual Southeast Financial Human Resource (HR) Conference being held November 2-3, 2017, at The Hilton Garden Inn.

Special Guest Speaker: _______________________ <invited>
Gene Caudle has over 40 years Human Resources leadership experiences with several Fortune 500 organizations well known for their leading-edge HR programs and “best practice” processes.
Anne Tyler Hall is the Principal of Hall Benefits Law, a firm focusing on the Affordable Care Act, executive compensation, health and welfare benefits, and retirement plan legal compliance.
Mari Myer is a former Chair of the State Bar of Georgia’s Technology Law Section; Treasurer of the Atlanta Bar Association Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section; and Chair of the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association.
Ben Fink a shareholder in Berman Fink Van Horn P.C., concentrates his practice in business and commercial litigation with an emphasis on non-compete, trade secret and other competition-related disputes.
Amanda Farahany is the managing partner at the Atlanta law firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP, representing individuals in employment, libel, overtime, and sexual harassment litigation.
Debrae Kennedy-Mayo is an attorney and cybersecurity and privacy Research Faculty Member at Georgia Tech. Ms. DeBrae is co-author of the upcoming U.S. PRIVATE SECTOR PRIVACY: LAW AND PRACTICE FOR INFORMATION PRIVACY PROFESSIONALS (IAPP 2018 edition).
Sara Lamar is a partner with the Savannah law firm of HunterMaclean where she specializes in employment law. She is currently the Co-Chair of the State of GA SHRM Government Affairs Committee.
___________________, <insurance presenter>
Ray Stanford, Founder & Principal of SIO Law Group and the Southeast Financial Consortium (SEFICON), will serve as the conference moderator. Ray has partnered with the CBA for over 25 years.


Financial HR, compliance, attorneys, and other execs.

This year’s Conference will focus on the change and uncertainty that surrounds the most significant HR legal requirements. Complying with known law is a challenge; complying with unknown law is a nightmare. The 7th Annual Conference brings a stellar selection of banking and workplace experts to explain how to “make workplace compliance certain.”


  • A starting point for every compliance strategy is distinguishing employment from contractor from temporary from joint employment. The current laws reflect the competing approaches of the Obama and Trump Administrations. Can they be unraveled?
  • Striking the right balance in compensation and benefits cannot be a guessing game. A financial workplace strategy must mix executive compensation, overtime (including MLO rights), taxing options, health benefits and pension rights to attract and retain X, Y, (Z) and Boomers.
  • Attendance taking has not changed. The laws and worker demands have. What are hours of work? What is the difference between leave, absences, and vacation? Is there a difference anymore?
  • Contracts can make workplace expectations certain if the contracts are legal and enforceable. Should contracts be used or avoided? Is the proposed New Gig Act of 2017 a harbinger?
  • Torts define human-to-human rights. The uncertainty of workplace rights has triggered a resurgence of archaic tort law but in a 21st century world. Today a round peg must fit in a square hole.
  • Civil rights change daily. What is old is now new, what is new is now old. Making business sense of civil rights is a priority. How?
  • Banks understand risk management, an entrenched foundation for regulatory oversight. Can (or must) insurance return to the workplace to balance workplace risk?
  • Policing the workplace may be the biggest change for HR. Technology gives workers the right to martial right and wrongdoing, sometimes anonymously. Financial HR must learn to leverage technology to predict and avoid the appearance of wrongdoing and to identify merit less from meritorious accusations. Join Conference experts discuss the differences, project the future, and clarify the present rights and responsibilities in a regulated financial business.

Join Conference experts discuss the differences, project the future, and clarify the present rights and responsibilities in a regulated financial business.


Thursday, November 2nd
8:00 AM Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome Remarks
                Ray Stanford, Attorney, SIO Law Group
9:15 AM “Workers & Work – Who is a Worker Today?”
               Sara Lamar, Attorney, HunterMacLean
10:00 AM Break
10:15 AM “Compensation – FLSA, Tax, Executive, …”
               Gene Caudle, Managing Director, OneSource HRM
11:00 AM “Benefits – Healthcare Rights of Today, … Not Yesterday”
               Anne Tyler Hall, Attorney, Hall Benefits Law
NOON Lunch – Special Guest Presentation
1:00 PM Peer Roundtable & Open Discussion
2:00 PM Break
2:15 PM “Attendance and Leave”
               Mari Myer, Attorney, The Myer Law Firm, Decatur
3:00 PM “Contracts – Matter Anymore?”
               Ben Fink, Shareholder, Attorney, Berman Fink
3:45 PM “Workplace Torts – A Reemerging Workplace Right”
                Debrae Kennedy-Mayo
4:30 PM Wrap-Up Table Sessions & Q&A with Speakers
5:00 PM Adjourn to Reception
6:00 PM Dinner at your Leisure
Friday, November 3rd
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Open Roundtable Discussion
9:15 AM “Civil Rights – The Meaning of Everything”
               Amanda Farahany, Managing partner, Barrett & Farahany, Atlanta
10:00 AM Break
10:15 AM “Workplace Insurance for Intentional Wrongdoing?
11:00 AM “The New Workforce Police”
               Ray Stanford, Attorney, SIO Law Group
11:45 AM Q&A/Closing Remarks
NOON Adjourn


First attendee:                  Additional Attendees from Your Company:
$300 per person               $275 per person

LOCATION                                                       ACCOMODATIONS

Hilton Garden Inn – Wildwood                    Hilton Garden Inn – Wildwood
3045 Windy Hill Road
Atlanta, Georgia, 30339