WEBINAR: “Coming & Going – Recruiting & Onboarding (Phase I) – For Financial HR”

“Coming & Going – Recruiting & Onboarding (Phase I) – for Financial HR

Date: Tuesday, February 14th from Noon – 1pm EST

Price: $75

Register: Call Elizabeth Fish at 404-991-7300 or email SIO

In 2017, community banks must locate, hire, and position new financial workers – 

  • Some will be veterans;
  • Some will be inexperienced;
  • Some will be excited; and
  • Some only want a paycheck.

Everyone will be new … but will they meet the bank’s needs?

The February Noon-Time Forum webinar presents a panel of HR professionals discussing the real needs and challenges faced by the financial industry in retooling the workplace in 2017. In Phase I of “Coming & Going”, the panel will explore:

  • How to assess a Bank’s workplace needs?
  • How to decide who, when, and how to hire?
  • How to fit correctly new workers into old and new positions?

On Tuesday, February 14th, join financial workplace professionals from human resources, compliance, operations, legal, and other financial disciplines in Phase I of “Coming & Going – Recruiting & Onboarding – for Financial HR“. 

Questions are always welcome, and all participants will receive a PDF copy of the presentation. We look forward to seeing you!


RAY STANFORD is the founder of SIO Law Group, a collaboration of lawyers, IT professionals, and other expert consultants. Ranging from early privacy and confidentiality issues to e-discovery and data management, Ray has provided legal friendly explanation and strategy to a variety of businesses to navigate the growing interdependence between work and IT. He currently coordinates the SE Financial Workplace Law & Compliance Program, and is the former co-director of SHRM-Georgia State Council Legislative Affairs Committee. Read More

**** Ray will be joined this month by a panel of HR professionals, who will be announced soon.



The Noon-Time Forum is an interactive online webinar from noon to 1pm. Each month, Ray Stanford of SIO Law Group will question a leading expert on a topic that coincides with the theme of our 2017 series, “Change and Reconciliation.” After the program, participants will receive a PDF copy of the presentation via email.